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How to sell on Bit4you

How to sell on Bit4you

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Have you tried selling on the Bit4you platform? It is not complicated. Try it out now with the guidelines provided in this article

How to sell

How to sell on Bit4you

Buying and selling digital currencies has become the new trend in the crypto sphere. Traders either buy or sell for various reasons. In the beginning, buying or selling was not pretty easy. For this reason, crypto exchange platforms met the need of traders who are in dire of services that are out of their reach. One of these exchanges is Bit4you. In the previous article, we wrote about how to buy on Bit4you. Now we will give you some easy steps on how to sell on Bit4you.

Why sell cryptos?

First, buying and selling crypto is a method by which an investor enters or exits a position. When there is a pullback in a particular digital currency, we find people rushing to sell these for future profit in view. In some aspects, people rush to sell coins when a particular celebrity or influencer topples a digital asset. Amid the fluctuation of prices, one thing that seems very difficult to do is to buy and hold cryptocurrency. We are always tempted to sell at the slightest opportunity. However, selling crypto assets only boils down to the investor’s strategy. There are hundreds of platforms in the world that are eager to give you access to thousands of digital assets. Choosing a particular platform will depend on the individual’s priority. Bit4you is a platform that helps you trade cryptos at very low fees. If you are already on the platform, then congratulations to you. If you are getting confused about which platform to use, then no need to search further. Subscribe with us.

How to buy on Bit4you

When you log into the Bit4you exchange platform, a page will appear with the different cryptocurrencies we offer. Click on the digital currency you intend to sell. For example, if you want to sell Polygon, you simply click on it. Another page will appear and on that page, you will see the graph on the left side of your screen, and on the right, you will see the section where you can carry out the selling transaction. The price fluctuations work in accordance with the position you take. They will help you to understand the outcome of your decision. Sometimes you may choose to sell an asset only to notice that its trend has changed. 

On the bottom right of the screen, there is an option to create a sell order. You will see in that dialogue box, the market price of the cryptocurrency you intend to sell. For example, one Polygon, at the time you are selling, could cost 50 Euros. Put the amount you will want to sell the cryptocurrency. It could either be in Euros or dollars. When the amount in the currency (USDT, or EUR) of your choice is registered, you will see the equivalent amount in crypto that you will sell. If the transaction is favorable, you then click on ‘create sell order’. A dialogue box will appear asking ‘Do you confirm the following order?’. This dialogue box will show you the ‘market’ that is the transactions you are working on, the position, the amount in Euros, the conversion rate, the amount in USDT, and the estimated quantity. Go through the information, cross-checking every detail. There will be an option to either ‘confirm’ to validate the transaction or ‘cancel’ in case you have to modify the order. Click on ‘confirm’. A dialogue box will appear confirming that the transaction has been successful. Click on ‘OK’. You can then verify your wallet and withdraw the money or invest it in another crypto asset. if you choose to.

Note that when you create an order, you need to sell the position in order to close the order. How is this done? After creating a ‘Sell order’, go to ‘Positions’. It is found on the top of your screen. Click on the cryptocurrency you want to sell. A dialogue box will appear. You will find the details of the transactions and three options ‘Take profit’, ‘Stop Loss’ and ‘Sell All’. Click on ‘Sell All’. Another dialogue box will appear. It says ‘Do you want to continue?’. Consider the cost before validating. If you are certain, then click on ‘Continue’ and the transaction will be completed. You can verify your wallet to find out what is left.

In a nutshell, the process to sell crypto is almost the same as buying but for slight changes at the end of the transaction where you will need to withdraw the money. Any transaction that a trader does is based on their need at the moment. The Bit4you platform is one of the easiest platforms when it comes to digital currencies. It provides a demo section that helps the trader to practice before getting into the real transactions. Note that you can only fulfil a transaction when you are using the Real mode. In case they face any difficulties, a customer support team is always available to help with any issues related to the platform.


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